The Secret Is Out!

"For people living in the area between Southern New Jersey and Washington DC, a popular weekend and retirement destination lies near the Delaware shore. A three-hour drive from both Philadelphia and Washington DC, the Rehoboth Beach area has been a magnet for retirees over the past several years. The beaches feature dolphins throughout the summer months, a mile-long boardwalk and more than 70 restaurants."

CNBC: America’s Top Places For Boomers To Retire


 - Low Property Taxes!


 - No Sales Tax!


 - 26 miles of Atlantic Ocean Coastline!


 - 25 miles of Delaware Bay Coastline!


 - Vibrant Culture!


 - 5-Star Restaurants!

The secret is out that Delaware is THE place to retire but choosing Delaware is easy.  Finding the right home and lifestyle based on your retirement needs is a little more complicated.  Every area and community is unique and offers something different.  We can help you find the perfect retirement home.  Give us a call or shoot us an email to get started!